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H A Dfpm_conf.c87 static char *ini_filename = NULL; variable
1249 spprintf(&filename, 0, "%s", ini_filename);
1319 zlog(ZLOG_ERROR, "[%s:%d] Unable to alloc a new WorkerPool for worker '%s'", ini_filename, ini_lineno, Z_STRVAL_P(section));
1325 zlog(ZLOG_ERROR, "[%s:%d] Unable to alloc memory for configuration name for worker '%s'", ini_filename, ini_lineno, Z_STRVAL_P(section));
1339 zlog(ZLOG_ERROR, "[%s:%d] value is NULL for a ZEND_INI_PARSER_ENTRY", ini_filename, ini_lineno);
1346 zlog(ZLOG_ERROR, "[%s:%d] two includes at the same time !", ini_filename, ini_lineno);
1366 zlog(ZLOG_ERROR, "[%s:%d] the parser for entry '%s' is not defined", ini_filename, ini_lineno, parser->name);
1373 zlog(ZLOG_ERROR, "[%s:%d] unable to parse value for entry '%s': %s", ini_filename, ini_lineno, parser->name, ret);
1384 zlog(ZLOG_ERROR, "[%s:%d] unknown entry '%s'", ini_filename, ini_lineno, Z_STRVAL_P(name));
1396 zlog(ZLOG_ERROR, "[%s:%d] Misspelled array ?", ini_filename, ini_linen
H A Dphp_ini.c754 PHPAPI int php_parse_user_ini_file(const char *dirname, char *ini_filename, HashTable *target_hash TSRMLS_DC) argument
760 snprintf(ini_file, MAXPATHLEN, "%s%c%s", dirname, DEFAULT_SLASH, ini_filename);
H A Dzend_ini_scanner.c170 #define ini_filename SCNG(filename) macro
187 ini_filename = zend_strndup(fh->filename, strlen(fh->filename));
189 ini_filename = NULL;
204 if (ini_filename) {
205 free(ini_filename);
222 return ini_filename ? ini_filename : "Unknown";

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