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H A DgtCodeSnippet.php11 * get the code snippet and initialise an array with it
16 public static function get($name) { function
H A DgtText.php16 public static function get($name) { function
H A Dutf8_decode.c59 get(json_utf8_decode *utf8) function
78 int c = get(utf8);
135 c = get(utf8);
H A Dstresstest.cpp227 // get file
306 enum state {none, test, skipif, post, get, file, expect} parsestate = none; enumerator in enum:state
326 parsestate = get;
347 case get:
H A Dzend_object_handlers.h59 /* Used to get object value. Can be used when converting object value to
81 /* Used to get hash of the properties of the object, as hash of zval's */
127 zend_object_get_t get; member in struct:_zend_object_handlers

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