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H A Dxmlrpc.c2725 * XMLRPC_VALUE XMLRPC_UtilityCreateFault( int fault_code, const char* fault_string )
2732 * fault_string application specific error string. cannot be null.
2755 XMLRPC_VALUE XMLRPC_UtilityCreateFault(int fault_code, const char* fault_string) { argument
2797 if(string && fault_string) {
2800 simplestring_add(&description, fault_string);
H A Dxml_to_soap.c220 static XMLRPC_VALUE gen_soap_fault(const char* fault_code, const char* fault_string, argument
225 XMLRPC_CreateValueString(TOKEN_SOAP_FAULTSTRING, fault_string, 0),
H A Dsoap.c53 static void set_soap_fault(zval *obj, char *fault_code_ns, char *fault_code, char *fault_string, char *fault_actor, zval *fault_detail, char *name TSRMLS_DC);
843 char *fault_string = NULL, *fault_code = NULL, *fault_actor = NULL, *name = NULL, *fault_code_ns = NULL; local
849 &fault_string, &fault_string_len,
886 set_soap_fault(this_ptr, fault_code_ns, fault_code, fault_string, fault_actor, details, name TSRMLS_CC);
3234 zval* add_soap_fault(zval *obj, char *fault_code, char *fault_string, char *fault_actor, zval *fault_detail TSRMLS_DC) argument
3238 set_soap_fault(fault, NULL, fault_code, fault_string, fault_actor, fault_detail, NULL TSRMLS_CC);
3245 static void set_soap_fault(zval *obj, char *fault_code_ns, char *fault_code, char *fault_string, char *fault_actor, zval *fault_detail, char *name TSRMLS_DC) argument
3251 add_property_string(obj, "faultstring", fault_string ? fault_string : "", 1);
3252 zend_update_property_string(zend_exception_get_default(TSRMLS_C), obj, "message", sizeof("message")-1, (fault_string

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