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H A Dibase_events.c68 efree(event->events[i]);
70 efree(event->events);
93 char **events, unsigned short *l, char **event_buf, char **result_buf)
108 *l = (unsigned short) isc_event_block(event_buf, result_buf, count, events[0],
109 events[1], events[2], events[3], events[4], events[5], events[
92 _php_ibase_event_block(ibase_db_link *ib_link, unsigned short count, char **events, unsigned short *l, char **event_buf, char **result_buf) argument
132 char *event_buffer, *result_buffer, *events[15]; local
H A Dphp_ibase_includes.h103 char **events; member in struct:event
H A Dphp_oci8_int.h496 zend_bool events; variable
H A Dphp_network.h115 short events; member in struct:_php_pollfd
154 static inline int php_pollfd_for(php_socket_t fd, int events, struct timeval *timeouttv) argument
160 = events;
172 static inline int php_pollfd_for_ms(php_socket_t fd, int events, int timeout) argument
178 = events;
H A Dport.c48 port_event_t *events = NULL; variable
83 events = malloc(sizeof(port_event_t) * max);
84 if (!events) {
85 zlog(ZLOG_ERROR, "port: Unable to allocate %d events", max);
104 if (events) {
105 free(events);
106 events = NULL;
115 * wait for events or timeout
128 ret = port_getn(pfd, events, nevents, &nget, &t);
141 if (!events[

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