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H A Ddate.c862 int dataType; member in struct:__anon384
877 sqlite_function_type(db, aFuncs[i].zName, aFuncs[i].dataType);
H A Dfunc.c567 signed char dataType; member in struct:__anon385
607 signed char dataType; member in struct:__anon386
635 sqlite_function_type(db, aFuncs[i].zName, aFuncs[i].dataType);
647 sqlite_function_type(db, aAggs[i].zName, aAggs[i].dataType);
H A Dmain.c1042 int sqlite_function_type(sqlite *db, const char *zName, int dataType){ argument
1045 p->dataType = dataType;
H A DsqliteInt.h431 signed char dataType; /* Arg that determines datatype. -1=NUMERIC, */ member in struct:FuncDef
683 u8 dataType; /* Either SQLITE_SO_TEXT or SQLITE_SO_NUM */ member in struct:Expr

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