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H A Dencodings.c61 static char* convert(const char* src, int src_len, int *new_len, const char* from_enc, const char* to_enc) { function
119 return convert(s, len, newlen, encoding, "UTF-8");
125 return convert(s, len, newlen, "UTF-8", encoding);
H A Dcreate_stubs12 function convert(i, j, t) function
233 convert(i, j, 1)
H A Dphar.c2484 int phar_flush(phar_archive_data *phar, char *user_stub, zend_long len, int convert, char **error) /* {{{ */ argument
2523 return phar_zip_flush(phar, user_stub, len, convert, error);
2527 return phar_tar_flush(phar, user_stub, len, convert, error);
H A Dphar_object.c1685 /* convert to PHAR_UFP */
1962 "Cannot convert phar archive \"%s\", unable to open entry \"%s\" contents: %s", entry->phar->fname, entry->filename, error);
1966 "Cannot convert phar archive \"%s\", unable to open entry \"%s\" contents", entry->phar->fname, entry->filename);
1982 "Cannot convert phar archive \"%s\", unable to copy entry \"%s\" contents", entry->phar->fname, entry->filename);
2199 static zend_object *phar_convert_to_other(phar_archive_data *source, int convert, char *ext, php_uint32 flags) /* {{{ */ argument
2214 switch (convert) {

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