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H A DgtPreConditionList.php20 * Create an instance of each pre-condition and run their check methods
23 public function check($clo) { function
26 if(!$checkThis->check($clo)) {
H A DgtIfClassHasMethod.php4 * If use has requested a class check that method is specified
9 public function check( $clo) { function
H A DgtIsSpecifiedFunctionOrMethod.php9 public function check( $clo) { function
H A DgtIsSpecifiedTestType.php9 public function check( $clo) { function
H A DgtIsValidClass.php9 public function check( $clo) { function
H A DgtIsValidFunction.php9 public function check( $clo) { function
H A DgtIsValidMethod.php9 public function check( $clo) { function
H A Dgd_png.c77 int check; local
78 check = gdGetBuf(data, length, (gdIOCtx *) png_get_io_ptr(png_ptr));
79 if (check != length) {
142 /* first do a quick check that the file really is a PNG image; could
254 /* create a fake palette and check for single-shade transparency */
H A Dcompress.c205 fd_set check; local
209 FD_ZERO(&check);
210 FD_SET(fd, &check);
216 selrv = select(fd + 1, &check, NULL, NULL, &tout);
H A Dimage.c60 /* PCX must check first 64bytes and byte 0=0x0a and byte2 < 0x06 */
944 static int php_get_wbmp(php_stream *stream, struct gfxinfo **result, int check) argument
995 if (!check) {
H A Dstring.c206 hidden in vc14. TODO revisit this and check if a workaround available
211 won't check any locale change in the master thread. */
1030 /* if it is a space, check if it is at the line boundary,
3010 /* check if original array has numeric keys */
4684 in state 1 and when the tag is closed check it against the
5570 zend_bool check = 0; local
5583 } else if (!check) {
5584 check = 1;
H A Dzend_signal.h61 zend_bool check; /* check for replaced handlers on shutdown */ member in struct:_zend_signal_globals_t

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