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H A Dsqlite3ext.h50 int (*changes)(sqlite3*); member in struct:sqlite3_api_routines
301 #define sqlite3_changes sqlite3_api->changes
H A Dsqlite3.c191 ** features recently added to SQLite. We do not anticipate changes
192 ** to experimental interfaces but reserve the right to make minor changes
193 ** if experience from use "in the wild" suggest such changes are prudent.
200 ** The makefile makes some minor changes to this file (such as inserting
201 ** the version number) and changes its name to "sqlite3.h" as
377 ** thread safety, not any run-time changes to that setting made by
1168 ** of the sqlite3_vfs object changes in the transaction between
1501 ** changes to SQLite in order to tune SQLite to the specific needs of
1532 ** changes to a [database connection]. The interface is similar to
1533 ** [sqlite3_config()] except that the changes appl
95889 static void changes( function
H A Dzipint.h386 zip_dirent_t *changes; member in struct:zip_entry
429 #define ZIP_ENTRY_CHANGED(e, f) ((e)->changes && ((e)->changes->changed & (f)))

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