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H A Dmain.c696 /* php_verror is called from php_error_docref<n> functions.
1944 static int called = 0; local
1948 if (!called) {
1951 called = 1;
1962 called = 0;
H A Dpcre_compile.c901 /* This function is called during the second compiling phase, if the number of
938 /* This function is called when a '{' is encountered in a place where it might
973 /* This function is called when a \ has been encountered. It either returns a
1476 /* This function is called after \P or \p has been encountered, provided that
1572 /* Read an item of the form {n,m} and return the values. This is called only
1636 /* This is called by several functions that scan a compiled expression looking
1694 temporarily terminated with OP_END when this function is called.
1696 This function is called when a backward assertion is encountered, so that if it
1705 atend TRUE if called when the pattern is complete
2049 so that it can be called fro
7297 const pcre_uchar *called; local

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