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H A Dhash_fnv.c154 unsigned char *be = bp + len; /* beyond end of buffer */ local
159 while (bp < be) {
196 unsigned char *be = bp + len; /* beyond end of buffer */ local
201 while (bp < be) {
H A Dpcre_compile.c23 contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from
57 COMPILE_PCREx macro will already be appropriately set. */
98 soon as they can be, so that hopefully there will never be an overrun. The code
103 remembering forward references to groups so that they can be filled in at the
277 length entry. The first three must be alpha, lower, upper, as this is assumed
354 /* The POSIX class substitutes must be in the order of the POSIX class names,
435 are no longer used. This used to be a table of strings, but in order to reduce
443 substring, so that the whole string ends with \0\0, which can be detected when
481 "(?R or (?[+-]digits must be followe
9397 pcre_uchar *be = cc - 1 - LINK_SIZE + GET(cc, -LINK_SIZE); local
H A Dzend_strtod.c29 * appropriate depends on the compiler; for this to work, it may be
53 * we can represent 10^k exactly), we may be able to
74 * computation of dtoa. This will cause dtoa modes 4 and 5 to be
78 * is also #defined, fegetround() will be queried for the rounding mode.
80 * standard (and are specified to be consistent, with fesetround()
94 * arithmetic when the result could be computed with one rounding error.
103 * something other than "long long", #define Llong to be the name,
105 * Llong, #define #ULLong to be the corresponding unsigned type.
112 * appropriate. If MALLOC is undefined, malloc will be invoked
114 * want something other than the system's free() to be calle
3745 int bbits, b2, b5, be, dig, i, ieps, ilim = 0, ilim0, ilim1, local

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