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H A Dzend_strtod.c47 * we can represent 10^k exactly), we may be able to
88 * appropriate. If MALLOC is undefined, malloc will be invoked
271 IBM should be defined.
288 * An alternative that might be better on some machines is
1422 * 3. Under the assumption that input will be rounded nearest,
1463 ndigits can be negative.
1479 int bbits, b2, b5, be, dig, i, ieps, ilim = 0, ilim0, ilim1, local
1526 b = d2b(value(d), &be, &bbits);
1550 * We want k to be too large rather than too small.
1573 i = bbits + be
H A Dsqlite3.c8 ** single large file, the entire code can be compiled as a single translation
9 ** unit. This allows many compilers to do optimizations that would not be
19 ** of the embedded sqlite3.h header file.) Additional code files may be needed
53 ** large file support, or if the OS is windows, these should be no-ops.
56 ** system #includes. Hence, this block of code must be the very first
59 ** Large file support can be disabled using the -DSQLITE_DISABLE_LFS switch
137 ** It used to be the case that setting this value to zero would
206 ** The maximum number of attached databases. This must be between 0
230 ** compiled with the default page-size limit will not be able to rollback
270 ** This value can be lowere
63125 } be; member in union:vdbeExecUnion
H A Dpcre_compile.c23 contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from
59 COMPILE_PCREx macro will already be appropriately set. */
100 soon as they can be, so that hopefully there will never be an overrun. The code
105 remembering forward references to groups so that they can be filled in at the
259 length entry. The first three must be alpha, lower, upper, as this is assumed
299 substitutes must be in the order of the names, defined above, and there are
406 are no longer used. This used to be a table of strings, but in order to reduce
414 substring, so that the whole string ends with \0\0, which can be detected when
452 "(?R or (?[+-]digits must be followe
8204 pcre_uchar *be = cc - 1 - LINK_SIZE + GET(cc, -LINK_SIZE); local

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