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H A Dzend_hash.c657 * from a hashtable. apply_func() receives the data and decides if the entry
665 ZEND_API void zend_hash_apply(HashTable *ht, apply_func_t apply_func TSRMLS_DC)
674 int result = apply_func(p->pData TSRMLS_CC);
689 ZEND_API void zend_hash_apply_with_argument(HashTable *ht, apply_func_arg_t apply_func, void *argument TSRMLS_DC) argument
698 int result = apply_func(p->pData, argument TSRMLS_CC);
713 ZEND_API void zend_hash_apply_with_arguments(HashTable *ht TSRMLS_DC, apply_func_args_t apply_func, int num_args, ...) argument
730 result = apply_func(p->pData TSRMLS_CC, num_args, args, &hash_key);
748 ZEND_API void zend_hash_reverse_apply(HashTable *ht, apply_func_t apply_func TSRMLS_DC)
757 int result = apply_func(p->pData TSRMLS_CC);
H A Dzend_ts_hash.c158 ZEND_API void zend_ts_hash_apply(TsHashTable *ht, apply_func_t apply_func TSRMLS_DC)
161 zend_hash_apply(TS_HASH(ht), apply_func TSRMLS_CC);
165 ZEND_API void zend_ts_hash_apply_with_argument(TsHashTable *ht, apply_func_arg_t apply_func, void *argument TSRMLS_DC) argument
168 zend_hash_apply_with_argument(TS_HASH(ht), apply_func, argument TSRMLS_CC); local
172 ZEND_API void zend_ts_hash_apply_with_arguments(TsHashTable *ht TSRMLS_DC, apply_func_args_t apply_func, int num_args, ...) argument
178 zend_hash_apply_with_arguments(TS_HASH(ht) TSRMLS_CC, apply_func, num_args, args);
183 ZEND_API void zend_ts_hash_reverse_apply(TsHashTable *ht, apply_func_t apply_func TSRMLS_DC)
186 zend_hash_reverse_apply(TS_HASH(ht), apply_func TSRMLS_CC);
H A Dspl_iterators.c3319 PHPAPI int spl_iterator_apply(zval *obj, spl_iterator_apply_func_t apply_func, void *puser TSRMLS_DC) argument
3342 if (apply_func(iter, puser TSRMLS_CC) == ZEND_HASH_APPLY_STOP || EG(exception)) {

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