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H A Dphp_stream_filter_api.h110 zval abstract; /* for use by filter implementation */ member in struct:_php_stream_filter
134 PHPAPI php_stream_filter *_php_stream_filter_alloc(php_stream_filter_ops *fops, void *abstract, int persistent STREAMS_DC);
H A Dfilter.c293 PHPAPI php_stream_filter *_php_stream_filter_alloc(php_stream_filter_ops *fops, void *abstract, int persistent STREAMS_DC) argument
301 Z_PTR(filter->abstract) = abstract;
H A Dstreams.c268 PHPAPI php_stream *_php_stream_alloc(php_stream_ops *ops, void *abstract, const char *persistent_id, const char *mode STREAMS_DC) /* {{{ */ argument
284 ret->abstract = abstract;
467 stream->abstract = NULL;
H A Dphp_streams.h95 * the php_stream->abstract pointer to hold their context, and streams
165 void *abstract; /* context for the wrapper */ member in struct:_php_stream_wrapper
192 void *abstract; /* convenience pointer for abstraction */ member in struct:_php_stream
245 PHPAPI php_stream *_php_stream_alloc(php_stream_ops *ops, void *abstract,

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