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H A Dbreakiterator_methods.cpp44 BreakIterator *(*func)(const Locale&, UErrorCode&),
66 biter = func(Locale::createFromName(locale_str), status);
378 Locale locale = bio->biter->getLocale((ULocDataLocaleType)locale_type,
43 _breakiter_factory(const char *func_name, BreakIterator *(*func)(const Locale&, UErrorCode&), INTERNAL_FUNCTION_PARAMETERS) argument
H A Dlocale_api.php4 * A "Locale" is an identifier used to get language, culture, or regionally-specific
18 * The Locale class (and related procedural functions) are used to interact
35 class Locale { class
53 * actually means that Locale::ACTUAL_LOCALE is the same as

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