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H A Dbtree.c62 ** Macros used for byteswapping. B is a pointer to the Btree
63 ** structure. This is needed to access the Btree.needSwab boolean
346 struct Btree { struct
356 typedef Btree Bt;
365 Btree *pBt; /* The Btree to which this cursor belongs */
405 static int cellSize(Btree *pBt, Cell *pCell){
421 static void defragmentPage(Btree *pBt, MemPage *pPage){
470 static int allocateSpace(Btree *pBt, MemPage *pPage, int nByte){
519 static void freeSpace(Btree *pB
H A Dbtree.h24 typedef struct Btree Btree; typedef in typeref:struct:Btree
41 int (*Close)(Btree*);
42 int (*SetCacheSize)(Btree*, int);
43 int (*SetSafetyLevel)(Btree*, int);
44 int (*BeginTrans)(Btree*);
45 int (*Commit)(Btree*);
46 int (*Rollback)(Btree*);
47 int (*BeginCkpt)(Btree*);
48 int (*CommitCkpt)(Btree*);
H A Dsqlite3.c7926 typedef struct Btree Btree; typedef in typeref:struct:Btree
7935 Btree **ppBtree, /* Return open Btree* here */
7952 SQLITE_PRIVATE int sqlite3BtreeClose(Btree*);
7953 SQLITE_PRIVATE int sqlite3BtreeSetCacheSize(Btree*,int);
7954 SQLITE_PRIVATE int sqlite3BtreeSetSafetyLevel(Btree*,int,int,int);
7955 SQLITE_PRIVATE int sqlite3BtreeSyncDisabled(Btree*);
7956 SQLITE_PRIVATE int sqlite3BtreeSetPageSize(Btree *p, int nPagesize, int nReserve, int eFix);
7957 SQLITE_PRIVATE int sqlite3BtreeGetPageSize(Btree*);
46940 struct Btree { struct

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