History log of /PHP_TRUNK/ext/oci8/oci8_statement.c
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70a7221 30-Jul-2015 Christopher Jones <christopher.jones@oracle.com> More PHP7 compat (Rajendra/Senthil)
e6d9061 16-Jul-2015 Christopher Jones <christopher.jones@oracle.com> More OCI8 diff fixes (Rajendra)
8586e67 13-Jul-2015 Christopher Jones <christopher.jones@oracle.com> Some OCI8 fixes (Rajendra)
99cac50 30-Jun-2015 Christopher Jones <christopher.jones@oracle.com> More PHP 7 patches (Rajendra/Abdullah)
621698d 27-Jun-2015 Cameron Porter <camporter1@gmail.com> Correct oci8 hash destructors to prevent segfaults, and a few other fixes.
3cf0bea 06-Jun-2015 Cameron Porter <camporter1@gmail.com> Get oci8 extension compiling with php7.
d146d15 19-Mar-2015 Dmitry Stogov <dmitry@zend.com> Optimize zend_string_realloc() add more specialized versions zend_string_extend() and zend_string_truncate()
fc33f52 15-Jan-2015 Xinchen Hui <laruence@php.net> bump year
bdeb220 13-Dec-2014 Anatol Belski <ab@php.net> first shot remove TSRMLS_* things
d0cb715 19-Sep-2014 Johannes Schl├╝ter <johannes@php.net> s/PHP 5/PHP 7/
466a4c9 10-Sep-2014 Anatol Belski <ab@php.net> replace zend_hash_find with zend_hash_str_find which fixes leaking the key
e3ded27 09-Sep-2014 Anatol Belski <ab@php.net> second big shot on porting ext/oci8

still a lot to do, but most raw things done
686213a 09-Sep-2014 Anatol Belski <ab@php.net> first shot on fixing ext/oci8
2e085df 09-Sep-2014 Anatol Belski <ab@php.net> basic datatype fixes for ext/oci8
af59e92 25-Aug-2014 Anatol Belski <ab@php.net> master renames phase 7
c3e3c98 25-Aug-2014 Anatol Belski <ab@php.net> master renames phase 1
63d3f0b 19-Aug-2014 Anatol Belski <ab@php.net> basic macro replacements, all at once
f9927a6 25-Apr-2014 Dmitry Stogov <dmitry@zend.com> Merge mainstream 'master' branch into refactoring
During merge I had to revert:
Nikita's patch for php_splice() (it probably needs to be applyed again)
Bob Weinand's patches related to constant expression handling (we need to review them carefully)
I also reverted all our attempts to support sapi/phpdbg (we didn't test it anyway)

050d7e3 15-Apr-2014 Dmitry Stogov <dmitry@zend.com> Cleanup (1-st round)
601367e 10-Mar-2014 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Fixed Bug #66875 (Improve performance of multi-row OCI_RETURN_LOB queries)
2cbd857 10-Feb-2014 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Add Oracle PL/SQL BOOLEAN type support to oci_bind_by_name()
c081ce6 03-Jan-2014 Xinchen Hui <laruence@php.net> Bump year
5ac7c53 27-Sep-2013 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> More OCI8 DTrace probe updates.
Change php.ini-* doc to match an earlier change to config.w32
ca4d122 06-Sep-2013 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Update DTrace probes
4b778fa 06-Sep-2013 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Make oci_set_*($connection,...) errors retrievable via oci_error($connection).
Improve some error handling to produce error text on some rare edge cases.
Disambiguate the Oracle library function call return status values from ORA error numbers.
Review and unify error data types.
d7ffca5 31-Aug-2013 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Allow OCI8 to be DTrace-enabled independently of core PHP's DTrace
status. The proviso is OCI8 must be built "shared" when DTrace is
enabled. This implementation (i) works around an incomplete core PHP
solution for extension tracing (ii) avoid any issues with DOF section
location and the complexities of needing to merge all provider .d
files for static builds (iii) allows OCI8 to be DTrace-enabled when
doing PECL installs of OCI8 on PHP versions without core PHP DTrace

This is an initial patch i.e. it will undergo further testing.
e6053ac 30-Aug-2013 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> OCI8 whitespace: remove tabs embedded in code
8aca4e4 26-Aug-2013 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Leave it to DTrace FBT to trace underlying library calls
f95cd93 13-Aug-2013 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Fix unused variable warning in OCI8 2.0
85b66e9 26-Jul-2013 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> OCI8 extension: Allow Implicit Result Set statement resources to inherit the parent's current prefetch count
bfc3c22 24-Jul-2013 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Initial PHP OCI8 2.0.0-dev commit.

Includes Oracle Database 12c Implicit Result Set support, DTrace
support, and various code cleanups.

See package.xml for details.
a666285 01-Jan-2013 Xinchen Hui <laruence@php.net> Happy New Year
8775a37 01-Jan-2012 Felipe Pena <felipe@php.net> - Year++
823d7a0 27-Jul-2011 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Add explicit casts to remove some of Pierre's snapshot build warnings
0203cc3 01-Jan-2011 Felipe Pena <felipe@php.net> - Year++
2b02461 29-Apr-2010 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Bug #51691 (Unnecessary realloc causes crashes in PHP trunk tests with interned strings). Updated tests check some other edge cases
fd42b50 24-Apr-2010 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Initialize vars to prevent valgrind warnings in some cases
9cd79b4 16-Apr-2010 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Fixed Bug #51577 (Uninitialized memory reference with oci_bind_array_by_name)
7ef4cdf 13-Apr-2010 Kalle Sommer Nielsen <kalle@php.net> Remove a couple TSRMLS_FETCH() calls around ext/main/sapi
5e8e34b 06-Jan-2010 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Fixed bug #49560 (oci8: using LOBs causes slow PHP shutdown)
- Improved descriptor refcounting to remove unneeded items sooner
- Replaced n^2 list traversal during descriptor list destruction
9ba1e81 03-Jan-2010 Sebastian Bergmann <sebastian@php.net> sed -i "s#1997-2009#1997-2010#g" **/*.c **/*.h **/*.php
2769ae0 06-Oct-2009 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> 1. Introduce connection attribute functions:


These functions set values that are visible and used by the
database. They aid tracing, authentication and auditing.

2. Introduce connection attribute function:


Oracle 11g R2 "editions" allow multiple versions of DB objects
to exist at one time. By setting different editions, two
different versions of an application can run concurrently,
making upgrades or A/B testing easier.

3. Introduce OCI_NO_AUTO_COMMIT as an alias for the OCI_DEFAULT
constant (which is not the default value) used by oci_execute().

4. Allow the oci_set_prefetch value to be 0. This is important in
some cases using REF CURSORS in Oracle 11gR2.

5. Set the DRIVER_NAME attribute of Oracle Database 11gR2
connections to aid application tracing. The value used is to
"PHP OCI8" followed by the OCI8 version number. Note the
version number may get truncated in DB views such as

6. Generate an error if an invalid resource type is used in

[DOC] Documentation will be added for the changes
1781af4 11-Mar-2009 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> MFH: Bug #46994 (CLOB size does not update when using CLOB IN OUT param in stored procedure)
10ff16d 09-Mar-2009 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> MFH: Make non-public prototype match the type passed at call
08659c2 31-Dec-2008 Sebastian Bergmann <sebastian@php.net> MFH: Bump copyright year, 3 of 3.
b8e1d4d 05-Jun-2008 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> MFB: OCI8: Remove macros obsoleted by rev when Oracle 8 support was dropped
08eaa56 18-Apr-2008 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> MFH

- Do scope-end release for oci_pconnect (oci8.old_oci_close_semantics=1 gives old behavior)
- Fix session reuse with 10.2 client libs
- Fix the Ping macro version check for 10.2
- Add type check associated with zend_list_find
- Code connection re-organized for reuse
- Format comments
- WS changes
- Prepare for new PECL release
- Add new tests
- Rationalize password tests
- Revert use of __DIR__ so tests will work with PHP 5.2
- Update some skipifs to make tests more portable
aa555ca 02-Apr-2008 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH
bb03788 25-Mar-2008 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> revert stmt release on connection error change (and sync with PHP 6)
c401491 22-Mar-2008 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Further improvements to error handling
af6734c 04-Mar-2008 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> MFH Fix bug #41069 (db link crash). Also allow SQLT_AFC (aka CHAR datatype) in oci_bind_by_name
b4b099a 25-Feb-2008 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> MFH: OCI8: fix bug #44008 (OCI-Lob->close) & bug #44206 (ref cursor leak)
87dcb8d 31-Jan-2008 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> Merge DRCP & FAN support. PHP6 sync will happen later
d1dded8 31-Dec-2007 Sebastian Bergmann <sebastian@php.net> MFH: Bump copyright year, 2 of 2.
02ecdf0 11-Dec-2007 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> MFB: Fix #42496. Cursor leak fetching LOBs
f894c6e 02-Aug-2007 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> MFH: Bug #42173 (INTERVAL and TIMESTAMP type fixes)
9efa1d8 31-Jul-2007 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix #42134 (oci_error() returns false after oci_new_collection() fails)
d2219c0 18-Jul-2007 Christopher Jones <sixd@php.net> MFH: add casts to fix compilation warnings
a87f711 08-Jun-2007 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: enable statement cache for non-persistent connections (patch by Chris Jones)
ecd42f9 05-Jun-2007 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix #41594 (Statement cache is flushed too frequently)
37b4db2 01-Mar-2007 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> allocate descriptors dynamically
4f6f150 31-Jan-2007 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix segfault on rebindinging and rexecuting a statement with LOBs
fix compile failure in ZTS mode when collections support is missing
de3c203 25-Jan-2007 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> PHP4 compatibility
f361d9e 11-Jan-2007 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix #39988 (type argument of oci_define_by_name() is ignored)
patch and tests by Chris Jones
12d54fa 11-Jan-2007 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix #40078 (ORA-01405 when fetching NULL values using oci_bind_array_by_name())
4223aa4 01-Jan-2007 Sebastian Bergmann <sebastian@php.net> MFH: Bump year.
7dc7882 25-Dec-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH
7efb0a1 25-Dec-2006 Ilia Alshanetsky <iliaa@php.net> Use safe_emalloc()
7563d4f 10-Nov-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> fix possible issue with negative values in oci_set_prefetch
(reported by Chris Jones)
4106eee 10-Nov-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> fix segfault in ZTS mode when statements containing sub-statements are destroyed in wrong order
3bd0f95 13-Oct-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> fix win32 build
d087c87 12-Oct-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: use connection charset when reading LOB data
3a48a29 09-Oct-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix PECL bug #8816 (issue in php_oci_statement_fetch with more than one piecewise column)
patch by jeff at badtz-maru dot com
7800711 12-Sep-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix leak when binding a variable to the same placeholder several times
75b8cd7 31-Aug-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> last portion of z/Z fixes
08a9ab0 22-Aug-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> minor improvements
70e59e2 21-Aug-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix PECL bug #8112 (OCI8 persistent connections misbehave when Apache process times out)
3a0f857 15-Aug-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> minor CS/WS fixes
c9c05be 09-Aug-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> add support for NCLOBs
fix #35973 (Error ORA-24806 occurs when trying to fetch a NCLOB field)
946594b 09-Aug-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix #38161 (oci_bind_by_name() returns garbage when Oracle didn't set the variable)
e3cfc40 09-Aug-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> fix leak on failure
f5b5d34 31-Jul-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix #37581 (oci_bind_array_by_name clobbers input array when using SQLT_AFC, AVC)
aa1ced0 30-Jul-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix #38173 (Freeing nested cursors causes OCI8 to segfault)
5751903 12-Apr-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> fix #37059 (oci_bind_by_name() doesn't support RAW and LONG RAW fields)
add tests
4e75cd5 18-Mar-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> Added support for BINARY_DOUBLE and BINARY_FLOAT to PDO_OCI and OCI8 (also fixes bug #36764)
716d22a 15-Feb-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix #36403 (oci_execute() no longer supports OCI_DESCRIBE_ONLY)
52232a7 03-Feb-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> fix #36010 (Segfault when re-creating and re-executing statements with bound parameters)
3a800fe 31-Jan-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix #36235 (ocicolumnname delivers empty results before a succesfull ocifetch)
5fb6e07 20-Jan-2006 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix #36096 (oci_result() returns garbage after oci_fetch() failed)
5bd9322 01-Jan-2006 foobar <sniper@php.net> bump year and license version
84051ba 08-Dec-2005 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: improve error message
c287dec 08-Dec-2005 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: add 1 to the max_length to keep \0 at its place
dfba124 06-Dec-2005 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> use strlen() to get correct element length
fc8d958 01-Dec-2005 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> fix Win32 compile failure
f496bf9 01-Dec-2005 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> MFH: fix potential problem in php_oci_bind_post_exec() when OCIDateToText() fails
3756201 01-Dec-2005 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> upgrade bundled OCI8 to v.1.1