History log of /PHP_TRUNK/ext/ereg/regex/engine.c
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1981dd9 11-Sep-2014 Dmitry Stogov <dmitry@zend.com> Revert "Removing ext/ereg and dependencies"

This reverts commit 86de7963fe69638431c0aa8f413d25e01bf99d68.
86de796 28-Aug-2014 Tjerk Meesters <datibbaw@php.net> Removing ext/ereg and dependencies

Affected extensions:
- opcache (use pcre)
- mbstring (removed ereg functions overloading)
- pgsql (use pcre)
- reflection (test cases using 'ereg')

- apache (header only)
- apache_hooks (header only)
e511b57 13-Aug-2004 Antony Dovgal <tony2001@php.net> fix yet another annoying compile warning
5d3b5cd 30-Sep-2003 Moriyoshi Koizumi <moriyoshi@php.net> Fixed bug #25669 (eregi() with non-ascii characters)
25c56d1 14-Nov-1999 Andi Gutmans <andi@php.net> - Fixing warnings in regex
6f57224 12-Nov-1999 Sascha Schumann <sas@php.net> upgrade regex library to alpha3.8
@- Upgraded regex library to alpha3.8 (Sascha)
aceaabc 07-Apr-1999 Zeev Suraski <zeev@php.net> PHP 4.0